Measure Your Performance

The Herman system works with all computer operating systems.

Where Herman System can be used and what the sensor scan measure:

  • Attach sensor/s to a target, person or object. Measure the speed of strikes, the power of strikes and number of strikes.
  • Attach sensor/s to gloves or hand coverings. Measure speed, power and number of strikes.
  • Attach sensor/s to body armor. Measure speed, power and number of strikes to the armor
  • In sparring, the sensors will detect contact within the range of power determined by coach or officials.
  • Attach sensor/s to multiple targets for speed tests by up to four contestants. Computer generated voice prompts start the test.
  • Attach sensor/s to multiple targets. Run individual or group “burn-out” sessions, measuring the speed of every hit, the power of every hit and the total number of hits for each sensor.
  • The system works with computers and tablets.
  • The Herman system contains:
  1. Wireless sensors.
  2. Dongle (Inserted into computer or tablet USB port).
  3. Herman web-accessed programs or.
  4. Herman programs downloaded on your computer or tablet.

The Herman System

Patended, commercially proven, scientifically validated, real time interactive mental and physical system that works in stand-alone and web-based modes for individuals and groups.

System responds to variety of multiple micro wireless sensor, keyboard, screen and audio inputs to measure activity, power, speed, accuracy and conviction of actions and responses.

The Herman System

Provides full training and testing loop: motivates, encourages, trains, tests, records, tracks and communicates results.

Custom URL’s provide organizations ability to privately communicate with and test their members/employees.

Herman provides mass subscription access to interactive technology for personal teaching, training, viewing, learning and game playing.

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